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DART Alternative Fuels
DART's waste management model has been a progressive approach, applying technology and engineering to address the restructuring of waste into reusable products and renewable energy. Our unwavering commitment to meeting our clients' needs has led us to develop our patent-pending conversion model.

Our Alternative Fuels division has conceptualized and implemented a treatment technology to convert sugar and alcohol based products into a fuel grade ethanol.

These technologies have the potential of creating 200 proof ethanol (100%) and meeting fuel ethanol E85 ASTM standards for the blending of E85. Compliant with regulations and requirements set forth by the US Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms (TTB). DART Alternative Fuels meets the United States Clean Air Act requirements for systems emissions.

Typical packaged and bulk materials used in the production of ethanol include:
• Soft Drinks
• Fruit Drinks/Energy Drinks
• Beer/Wine/Spirits
• Candy
• Pharmaceuticals with Alcohol
• Alcohols
• Sugar
• Mouth Wash
• Molasses/Syrup
• Contaminated Ethanol
• Cosmetics/Perfumes
• Off-spec ethanol

These materials can be received via tanker truck, rail tanker or box van.
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