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DART Strategic Alliances
milerail Rail car cleaning company based in Kansas City. Mile Rail specializes in cleaning residual from the inside and outside of railcars. Mile Rail continues to evolve using automated systems while at the same time relying on more labor intensive methodologies to maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.
Doshi Group Design build engineering firm with partners in China, Europe and India. Doshi’s specialty is cutting edge building and process designs that utilize state of the art systems. At the forefront of “green” designs ranging from the use of geothermal layers to heat and cool buildings to methane collection systems used to create electricity.
KOR Ethanol Distillation experts specializing in the design, installation and running of systems to distil ethanol from various feed solutions. KOR Ethanol is the leader in research development of cellulosic fermentation along with methane generating digesters.
ALSDA | CCI Industries
Alsda Group and CrossCon industries focus on recognizing an organization's strength and aligning opportunities for China and the World. The organization follows globally adopted disciplines to insure China’s quality and compliance standards are met. Alsda Group and CrossCon industries is a multi-cultural company with a proven model to seamlessly service customers worldwide.

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